Smart Energy Services      
Saving The Planet/Saving You Money

At Smart Energy Services

We can design a plan that helps you increase your bottom line with Solar.

Smart Energy services works with the Leading Tier 1 solar manufacturers, financial institutions and system engineer firms to deliver high quality innovative solar solutions and services to maximize your ROI.

Whether you wish to Buy a system outright, Lease to own, Solar as a service to your Tenants, a PPA, or Community Solar.

we offer state of the art high quality and high performing products. The most up to date financing tools and economic analysis to make sure you realize the highest possible ROI.

Federal, State and local incentives can pay for up to 80% of the total solar system cost. 

Operating a solar electric power system can be profitable , even generate constant revenue for your business.
Currently Smart Energy Services offers
commercial customers a unique opportunity to roll out your
Solar Energy Projects with
ZERO out of pocket financing

Option 1:
 ( CPA) Capital Purchase Agreement. Own your own solar system that generates free electricity for the lifetime of the solar panels. Typically 35 years. Generate Revenue, for your business by selling Solar Renewable Energy Credits.
Maximize ROI with Federal and State incentives which significantly reduce your net investment and maximize your Return on Investment (ROI).

Option 2:  (PPA) Power Purchase Agreement. No Upfront Costs. Solar Co. obtains funding to install the solar system.

Option 3: 
(SLA) Solar Lease Agreement. Zero Upfront Costs unlocks capital for your core business. Save money from day one, start saving on your energy costs the day your solar system goes live. Your Solar electric system offers a hedge against the ever rising energy cost.  Positive Cash Flow -  Leasing agreements are structured to generate a cash positive flow for the Business Owner through reduced energy costs.  Minimal Risk - The Solar company continually monitors and maintains and warranties the Solar Electric System for the Life time of the lease term.

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