Smart Energy Services      
Saving The Planet/Saving You Money

Smart Energy Services - Established in 2010 as a

Certified Woman Owned Energy as a Energy Efficient Measure Retrofit  and Renewable Energy company that serves the Total envelope of the building                                                       
We look at the Entire Envelope of a building to coordinate Rebates, Incentives and Financing for the most energy efficient options available.

Modern sustainable initiatives call for integrated and synergistic design.

In recent years, energy technology has become effective and affordable.
But identifying the most cost-effective solutions, securing reliable contractors, navigating the complicated world of incentives and project financing is a formidable challenge.

Most business are not equipped to face the challenges on their own.

That is where we come in:

Smart Energy Services provides a service that is needed to be Turn key. Leaving you to what you do best, the running of your own business.

Clients have access to:

. Energy Audits
. Cost Effective Solutions
. Commissioning and Project Management
. Financing
. Coordination of Federal incentive and State Rebates Engineered packages
. Product
. Installation

We will work with you to help finance your entire project, not just individual components.

Applications for state rebates and subsidies can be daunting; benefits often lost because of faulty or late requests. Our In-house experts will make sure your applications are complete and filed on timely basis.

Our job does not end there.

We manage your project from start to completion and after.  Giving you the time you need to focus on your business.
We then follow your energy consumption after completion, marking the energy savings.

By working with SES

You benefit from our
unique flexibility to adopt new and more efficient technologies when they are introduced.

Typical contractors have a bias that promotes self interest in selling a maintained inventory or knowledge and skills that their employees possess.

By contrast our model
permits us to maximize your savings by relying on the latest, most efficient equipment that fits your needs.

We will evaluate your buildings energy baseline and make a series of recommendations that reflects practical and best suited solutions.

A cost and benefits analysis and financing options

Our Objective is to reduce your energy bills immediately and finance your improvements out of your savings. Resulting in Zero Out of Pocket.

We have vetted hundreds of contractors and manufactures with different skills. All of our contractors meet or exceed our standards and the technologies they can provide are proven. We do not recommend untested or experimental solutions.

Ultimately you decide. After receiving our recommendations, you decide whether to undertake and efficiency project. whether you chose one or all the recommendation for your project.  

Contact us Today for your  Proposal and Energy Savings Quote

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