Smart Energy Services      
Saving The Planet/Saving You Money

At Smart Energy Services  

 We Identify potential energy solutions and achieving them at the  
  lowest possible cost is far from easy if  you had to do it yourself.

  The ever changing world of Energy Efficiency and Renewable                Energy, along with government incentives further complicates the        equation.

   Our team makes it simple, we pinpoint which retrofit solution will          yield the greatest return. 

Our process can be broken down into four stages

 Analysis:  Our certified auditor conducts a facility wide (or specific) energy                             analysis of your building. During which we take into consideration                         variables: such as energy usage, incentives,
                        system by system payback, and utility company rebates

 Review:     We meet with you to review cost effective measures designed to                             lower energy costs and pay for upgrades using energy savings.

Implement:  We help secure financing, The materials , Project Manage the                                  entire project, Installation by State Licensed and Insured                                          contractors. We file for any State rebates and supply a Tax                                      Engineered incentive package for your Fed tax incentive.

 Service:         Our relationship with you does not end at project completion.                                 We establish a Lifelong Relationship to provide Maintenance,                                   Service and track energy savings for years to come.

                            For your Free, No Obligation
                                Cost & Energy Analysis

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