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SES’s Commercial Building Integration program’s research, development, and evaluation helps advance a range of innovative building technologies and solutions, paving the way for high performing buildings that could use 50-70% less energy than typical buildings.  SES works with industry and other entities to advance energy efficiency solutions and technologies for commercial buildings. From researching the latest tchnologies to tax incentive information, to analysis tools, SES works across multiple disciplines to help U.S. businesses save energy, time and money. 

A simple LED Lighting retrofit can save you 60% - 90% savings on your lighting bill. Solar can eliminate your electric bills all together and stabilize your out of pocket costs

We provide Complete Installation packages
Engineering, Installation, Materials, Project Management, Tax Incentive filing, Rebate filing

To learn more about the SES program and learn more about how     you and your organization can Take Action to Save Energy.

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